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What can we all do to end sexual assault and violence in our community?


  • Always remember that no one ever deserves to be sexually assaulted.

  • The SR-SART vows to work to address the causes and impact of sexual violence throughout the community, through collaboration, prevention efforts and the distribution of resources.

  • The SR-SART is committed to changing any community ideal that allows high levels of sexual and relationship violence and serve as a principle information and resource center regarding all aspects of sexual violence.

  • The SR-SART members will boycott movies, games, websites, and magazines depicting sexualized violence, refuse to listen to or laugh at sexist jokes and then commit to speaking to family, friends, co-workers and peers about this problem

  • The SR-SART members will hold perpetrators accountable even if they are friends. We will look out for friends’ safety and refuse to be a passive bystander when any other person is at risk.

  • The SR-SART vows to provide community leadership, consultation and technical assistance by generating and facilitating the development and flow of information on sexual violence intervention and prevention strategies.

  • The SR-SART will support victims so they may become survivors and help survivors heal

  • The SR-SART vows to fight for strong, fair laws designed to end violence, support increased funding for violence prevention programs and educate everyone about the services available in our community

  • The SR-SART and its members vow to stop making excuses for abusive behavior, and treat others with respect

How can you support the development and enhance SR-SART?

By becoming and active supportive member of the interagency team of individuals working collaboratively to provide services for the community by offering sexual assault intervention services. The SR-SART is specialized to fit the needs of the communities we serve and has goals of increasing reporting and conviction of sexual assaults and countering the experience of sexual trauma with a sensitive and competent response. SR-SART consist of key responders such as advocates, law enforcement officers, forensic examiners (e.g.; SANE/SAFE/FNE) crime lab personnel and prosecutors. SR-SART works with responders from around the community to identify resources, translate research findings, and analyze policy will assist in the development, enhancement and sustainability of SR-SART.  SR-SART offers a number of ways to connect with experts in the field, to learn from other SARTs and to receive customized technical assistance. 

By promoting ongoing dialog and information sharing among community and professional organizations/agencies that respond to sexual assault and sexual violence.

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