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Statesboro Regional Sexual Assault Center, Inc. or SRSAC provides emotional support and advocacy for individuals who have been sexually assaulted. SRSAC is a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, designated by the Ogeechee Judicial Circuit and law enforcement agencies to serve Bulloch, Jenkins, Screven, and Effingham Counties. SRSAC is part of the Statesboro area's Sexual Assault Response Team which includes law enforcement, the prosecutor, the advocate, and the Forensic Nurse Examiners. Education, Awareness, and Prevention services are also provided.

We strive to ensure that no victim of sexual assault or abuse goes unheard in a community that understands the impact of sexual violence on its members.



  • Provide direct response to victims of sexual assault.

  • Provide community education concerning sexual assault and its prevention.

  • Provide advocacy for sexual assault victims through direct services and liaison relationships including medical, legal, social services, and law enforcement.

  • Provide follow-up support through referral to other community services.


  1. Our primary focus is on the victim and their process of recovery.

  2. Confidentiality is critical for the safety of our clients and the trust that they have in us as advocates.

  3. Sexual assault is never the victim's fault. The rapist is the one who did the raping.

  4. Empowerment through giving support and information will help to strengthen the victim so that they can follow through with the criminal justice process, function on their job, or just get on with their life in general. We cannot make everything okay, but we can focus on the victim's power as the only witness to the crime and as a person who can regain a sense of themselves.

  5. Every victim of sexual assault has the right and the choice of reporting and having a rape examination, regardless of the circumstances of their case. They also have a right to be heard and to heal at their own pace.

  6. Every victim is in a state of crisis and is experiencing trauma on some level. This is normal and it contributes to their confusion, their indecision, and their fear. They may also be greatly affected by the damage to their self-esteem and this can have a profound influence on interactions with the police, medical, and court personnel.

  7. The victim needs the police and the police need the victim in order to prosecute. However, the relationship is not an equal one. The police represent authority and the victim may feel powerless and easily intimidated. As advocates, we can be the buffer the victim and the police, helping them to understand their role in the process

  8. A victim's greatest fear is that they will not be believed. Considering how difficult it is to report a rape, the likelihood of anyone reporting falsely is very unusual. As advocates, we believe the victims from the beginning, knowing that if there is any falsehood, it will eventually surface. In cases of false reports, the victim offer has other problems that should be addressed and referrals should be made to other agencies.

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