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Good Touch / Bad Touch

This program helps children understand what sexual abuse is (tricked or forced touch) and what to do about it (trust your "Uh Oh" feeling, say "No," get away, tell someone, and it is never your fault).


Child Abuse Puppet Program

"Someone To Talk To"This program is approximately 30 minutes and uses puppets to discuss child abuse issues. This program is for 1st-4th grade students.


Bully Prevention

This program is designed to address the problem of bullying in the elementary and middle schools, as this behavior often leads to more serious abuse.


Identified Bullies Program

A 2-hour program for identified bullies. This program combines our bullying prevention program with additional information on consequences, why we bully, anger management, and what we can do instead of bullying.


Sexual Harassment Prevention

An educational and prevention program for students in elementary, middle, or high school and college students. This program discusses all aspects of sexual harassment to include: defining sexual harassment, types of sexual harassment, risk reduction, confronting your harasser, and reporting sexual harassment.


Date/Acquaintance Rape Prevention

Designed to target teens, the age group most at risk of being victims or perpetrators of sexual assault. Information on Date/Acquaintance Rape and prevention techniques are presented in an interactive program.


Women's Self-Defense Training Women's Self-Defense Training

A self-defense class in which participants learn simple verbal and physical techniques that can easily be remembered and utilized. Taught by women for women.


Faculty and Parent's Program

All prevention programs can be presented to faculty and parent's groups. These programs are tailored to specific needs and/or issues that the faculty or parents wish to address.


Sexual Assault Prevention for Individuals with Developmental and/or Physical Challenges

This sexual assault prevention education program is for individuals with developmental and/or physical challenges. This program will teach terminology, personal rights, assertiveness, creating a support system, and trusting their intuition.


Internet Safety

A curriculum on Internet safety for elementary schools, middle schools, teachers, and parents. This program addresses developing critical thinking skills, good judgment, and sexual exploitation on the Internet.


Campus Safety and Awareness

A prevention program for high school seniors. This program addresses personal safety issues for those teens attending college for the first time.


Sexual Assault Awareness

A prevention program of safety awareness and techniques. This program instructs participants on personal safety issues, techniques, tactics, and prevention


Professional Training

Specialized training for any individual or organization working with sexual assault victims.


Male Involvement Programs

Programs for males designed to raise awareness of attitudes and behaviors that foster sexual assault.


Modified Child Sexual Abuse Prevention

A modified one hour version of our 3-day Good Touch / Bad Touch program for grades K-5. This program reinforces the 3-day program and is recommended as a follow-up program later in the school year. This program is also ideal for older elementary school children as it talks about body safety issues and is age specific for older children.


Adults Protecting Children from Sexual Assault

This program is designed for adults who work with children or family of children who wish to protect them from child sexual assault.


Safe SpaceSafe Space

Is a program for individuals who want to become official allies to the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, & transgendered) population. Training involves multi-media, games, and experiential activities while addressing the topics of self-awareness of attitudes/biases, awareness of societal attitudes/biases and their impact, education about LGBT-related labels and definitions, information on resources for support, as well as ways trainees can take action to support this minority population.




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