Raising the Bar

The Teal House has partnered with Georgia Southern University Sexual Assault Response Team to provide a Bystander Intervention training to staff of local restaurants/bars.


This training is free of charge and can be facilitated at your business at a convenient time for all staff members.


The training will provide information about sexual assault and drug-facilitated sexual assault, as well as ways that servers, bartenders, and security can intervene when they see something potentially harmful or violent in their establishment. 

For restaurants/bars that receive this training, they will be listed on our website and social media sites, and will receive a decal that states they completed this training. Establishments will also receive printed educational materials. 

To schedule a training for your establishment, please contact us at (912) 489-6060 or email tealhouseoutreach@gmail.com 

24/7 CRISIS LINE 1-866-489-2225

OFFICE (912) 489-6060



209 South College St. Statesboro GA 30458